The Raptor is a World-Class Slalom Ski. Boost your confidence, build your consistency, increase your your personal best. With the additional width in tip and tail the Raptor is very supportive, willing to turn on and off-sides, and accelerate whether your center of mass tends to be more forward or back. Larger, softer edged bevels, a full foot long flat spot, moderate tail rocker and a lightweight core help the Raptor perform well for any level slalom skier. The Raptor’s width profile is one that builds angle as you go and carries out effortlessly from the center of the wakes to the buoy line. The Raptor helps the skier create time and space before the buoy, and keeps the skier ahead of the game in the slalom course. We believe that speed comes from angle, and to have more time in the course you have to have better direction. The quicker you can get to the wakes, the longer pre-turn you can have, the more you can slow down and nail that next backside of the buoy.

Slalom Ski

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  • Selecting the best ski size is more art than science... Skier style, boat speed, and line lengths greatly affect the results of matching the skier to the perfect size ski. Please contact us for a recommendation if you are uncertain about choising the right size ski.

    The 65.75"
    75lbs.-180lbs.  |  A smaller skier at very slow speeds will benefit from being able to ride a slightly larger ski compared to their weight because the increased surface are will allow the skier to start slower and have more time to run the slalom course.

    At the top speeds of 34 and 36mph a heavier skier is going to be able to ride a slightly smaller ski because the increased speed is going to allow the ski to stay riding hihger in the water, especially if the rope is being shortened to some of the more advanced line lengths.