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Raptor Profiled Spoiler

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  • Raptor Waterski Technology – Slalomski Performance

    1. What is PS – PS is the abbreviation for Profile Spoiler. It relates to a method of increasing the

    force pressure to the forward edge of the ski by hydrodynamic means. PS is based on extensive

    theoretical concept studies, hydraulic lab work in Germany in combination with feedback from

    skis at Willi's Waterski Schools in California and Mexico, and pro skier Terry Winter. PS is

    “patent pending” status

    2. What does the PS hardware consist of? – The PS hardware comprises of two shaped wings

    installed on the fin of the slalom ski, Pitch angles can be adjusted to the skiers liking.

    3. What is the advantage of PS compared to water skiing without PS? – PS allows a more

    precise turn and improves completion of the turn with more forward edge tracking in the water.

    The improvements are noticeable at all levels: recreational, advanced and competitive. Since the

    ski's response to the skier's input is more precise it also results in a far quicker learning curve.

    Feedback from students in ski school (beginners to tournament skiers) suggest that the PS has

    the postential to increase the performance of virtually any slalom skier of all levels and skills.

    4. Does the PS work with any ski manufacturer? – Yes, the spoiler does fit every fin


    5. Does the skier have to go through major adjustments in skiing style to take advantage of

    PS? – Ski school experience indicates that skiing with PS does not require technique changes as

    far as they have been individually developed before using the PS. What is generally observed,

    however, is the acceleration of the learning curve. Using the PS in slalom skiing provides a

    more precise input-response experience.

    6. What provided the motivation to develop PS? – A basic observation of slalom water skiing

    (for instance by reviewing the Patent literature) over the last 30 years indicated a strong bias

    towards making skis lighter and stiffer. However, little attention was being paid to a wet surface

    experience. In other words, structural mechanics issues of water skis were historically the focus

    for ski improvements. In contrast, the signature of the hydrodynamic forces and moments were

    less conspired. PS takes this into account, and uses shape changes of the spoiler to adapt the

    ski's behavior to be more effective controled. **By shaping the geometry of the spoiler,

    together with the use of the most advanced materials and ski shape designs are very

    promising**. The first result of this research and development is the Raptor Profile Spoiler.

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