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Waterskiing is what we know and what we love. We ski, we coach, and we compete. We’re involved in this industry because we love it, and no matter how hard or frustrating it can be at times we still can’t get enough of it.


We have a vision of progressing slalom waterskiing through innovations in hydrodynamics. Raptor understands what it might mean to increase your personal best by one more pass, one more buoy, or even one quarter of a buoy. We’re inventing, testing, tweaking and testing again trying to find a better way to get it done. We know that through better technique and better tools slalom scores will improve, and we’re excited about being involved in those steps forward.


Raptor is dedicated to building World-Class Waterskis and waterski related products, and sharing our love of the sport with you.


-Willi Ellermeier  

Limited time offer! End-of-season sale on 2018 Raptor. 25% off and free shipping!!!
The brand new Raptor Slalom Ski.

After months of testing, our newest most advanced slalom ski is available.  The new 2018 Raptor is a ski

designed with the most advanced concepts in the waterski industry. Polyurethane, light-weight/high density cores, fiberglass, resin, graphite and synthetic cloth are fused to precise measurements and specifications in the manufacturing process. The finely tuned flex patterns are synchronized to respond evenly in the lateral and longitudinal axis of the ski.


We also have our new Raptor Profile Spoiler available. Install it on your fin and experience an

amazing turn performance.